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Your website

Loved your website, Malcolm. And your collection of images - breathtaking!
Joan Roy

Your gallery

I have had a really enjoyable time viewing all your photos. I enjoyed particularly your Caddam Wood photos - they prove you don't have to go far to get something out of the ordinary.
Stan Robertson

Guestbook Comment

Finally got round to checking out your website and I'm glad I did. Love the way you use figures in the landscape and your creative pf is stunning.
Fraser Duff

blast from the past!

just dipped in to some of your photographs, Malcolm - wonderful. I noticed one or two of lochs and fishermen - are you still a fly fisherman?

sandy falconer

Photography help

Hi Malcolm, just came across your work and I really love it. Your photos are amazing..really inspirational.
zach fox

Your Website

Hi Malcolm

Superb images. I have some catching up to do if I am to join the ranks of the DPS.
Derek Ramsay


Hi Malcolm,

After spotting one of your shots on the Ephotozine Gallery today I've just vistied your website. Superb site and with some fantastic images! Inspirational!

Best Wishes,

Donna Navarro
Donna Navarro


Like Father, like Son - very artistic photographer.
Tricia Unsworth

Awesome Landscapes

Hey there, after looking through your work on ephotozine and then looking over your website i see that the landscapes that you capture are awesome.

web site

Hi Malcolm, your photos are incredible,
fantastic web site.
Cathlene (Gardiner/Cullen) now living in Florida


Hi Malcolm,
Just discovered your website which is absolutely superb.
Best wishes,
Brian Clark

Your address please

Your photographs are brilliant!!Can you e-mail your address to us please? Very best wishes. Ashley
Prof. N. Ashley G. Mowat


Your site is superb.
I've added a link on the DPS Website.
Malcolm MacBain

web site

Had a look at your web site after we spoke.
Looks great. Congratulations.
Dave c
Dave Clark

Hi Malcolm

I have just discovered this web site of yours - a fisherman, photographer and web site owner - very impressive.

Best Regards
Mike Casey


brill. scottish pic gems,loved the sheep.

Web Site

Hi Malcolm - the site is brilliant. These pics would be wonderful on devotional DVDs

Well done.

Malcolm Rooney

A Comment !

Glad you gave me your website address. I have much enjoyed looking through your photos and recognising some of the views.

David Affleck

Web site

Hi Malcolm. Your website galleries and photos on Ephotozine are a true inspiration, Thanks for sharing the pleasure of viewing them
Barry John
Barry John Ellicock